Ilaria Broccando


Wonderful person full of understanding and solutions for any doubt or hesitation that came to my mind.
It helped me see myself in completely unexpected ways. Thank you!!

Andrea Domingo


I met Chiara when we had a common experience in the same company and she immediately proved to be a precious ally and friend: from speaking during a break to words of comfort during the most tense moments, she has always shown great emotional intelligence and advice on the situation. That's why I ask her to support me in a difficult phase of my life. If I overcame this situation, I need to thank her. Without judging, she recognized my limits and the qualities, at the same time showing me my strengths and building a path with me that has allowed me to be proud of myself and of the results achieved. Chiara is an honest, practical and genuine person and I recommend her to all those who need to fix something in their professional life armed with great determination and positivity!

Elena Saltini


I met Chiara in the path of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chiara is a warrior, direct, very available, responsible, very human and professional. I tried to find criticism in her, but for now... no way πŸ˜‰. she supports me to focus on my personal growth that, underestimating myself a little more.

Score: 5

Andrea Schiavone


I met Chiara as participipant to a Traditional Chinese Medicine course. Thanks to her empathy and innate ability to relate to others, she introduced me to the new group. Beyond his innumerable competences, the aspect that I like to remember is the pleasant feeling of well-being you experience in her company.

Massimo Iella

I met Chiara in the world, I find her an intelligent person who is available and sincere.

Maximum score.☺️

Giorgia Maggi

I met Chiara in December 2018 during a job interview and I remember the feeling of confortable, even if she was the recruiter.
We have worked in the same company for 3 years in different offices.
Chiara is a person who transmits calm and humanity, who makes you feel understood and not judged.

Rita D'Alessio

I met Chiara in 2019 during a job interview, since that day she has always been a "light" for me to follow and to ask for both emotional and work support. A real fortune to have known her.

Known professionally.

Sara Tacchini


You know when they say A BEAUTIFUL PERSON?

here Chiara is just that! She is here! simply! as a fixed point. A rare humanity and sweetness combined with the necessary expertise to help you.

Patrizia Spirito


I had the pleasure of working with her and she was in tune right away. Chiara gives trust and esteem and manifests it openly without frills. He chose me for a delicate job, leaving me "carte blanche" to handle it. For me, it was one of the most enriching and fascinating experiences of my working career, a truly unique human relationship with Chiara beyond work.