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Milan Shoah Memorial

Milan Shoah Memorial - 27th January 2022 - Holocaust Remembrance Day

In Milan, today is a typical late January day, it's cold, the temperature is around 2 degrees, there's a bit of fog and you can't see much from the Central Station.

I'm cold, tired, hungry and thirsty, but I consciously decide not to stop in a bar to warm up, drink a coffee, buy a bottle of water and have a snack. No, I want to live this experience at 360 degrees, thinking of those who suffered from cold, hunger and thirst at night, many years ago but not so many if you think about it. And not just for a few hours.

Dedicated to great-grandfather Sandro Moneta who was made to get on that train and never came back.

Stumbling block - Milan - 20 January 2018


3 March 2023

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