A man of few words

We enter life naked and we are immediately washed carefully and just after covered ... Clothes are a bit like our "home", our house, our comfort zone... And, a little, also our way of representing ourselves in society.

How many times have we felt out of place not having "guessed" the clothing for a meeting? How many times have we felt embarrassed by a stretch mark in tights, a heel that breaks suddenly, a stain of coffee or food on clothes?

When I saw the cover of the book  “un uomo di poche parole”, of Carlo Greppi,  met at Memoriale dello Shoah: I fell in love with it instantly: with disarming simplicity, it immediately represents a concentration camp and 2 fundamental objects for survival. A good pair of shoes and a bowl for soup.

The book is about a true story, beautiful, which makes you think and gives Hope. It is the story of Lorenzo Perrone, a man on the margins of society, who saved Primo (the famous Primo Levi)...

Why? Why did he do it, risking his life for 6 months? Perhaps because he considered it ethically correct to do so. Without gain, only out of generosity.

And it teaches me that good can exist even in extreme evil. That white is also present in the "black hole" of a concentration camp.

Year of the Water Rabbit

January 22 finally kicked off the Year of the Rabbit or Water Hare, with Chinese New Year celebrations all over the world 🙂

The rabbit is the fourth of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, after Rat, Ox and Tiger and it’s not coincidence... if you read the legend of the Great Race

The Rabbit occupies the fourth position of the Chinese Zodiac and it is no coincidence. Legend has it that once upon a time the Rabbit was very proud of his speed (and even a little arrogant) and loved to make fun of his neighbor, the Ox, who was much slower.

One day, the Jade Emperor declared that the order of the zodiac would be decided based on the order in which the animals would arrive at his party. The Rabbit left at dawn but, once he arrived on site, he found no other animal. Convinced that he had arrived first, he took a nap, but when he woke up, 3 other animals had already arrived, namely Rat, Ox and Tiger. Just the Ox... that he had made fun of so much!

you can read the legend of the Lunar Rabbit here...

and if you know me, or if you're reading this article on the site, you know how much I am linked to the Moon

Start a year full of hope, growth and evolution, WOW! And for the Chinese it is considered a year of peace. NB: we all count on it 🙂

A year of "break", compared to the last 3 years... a "yin" year, a favorable year for the feminine. A yin attitude towards situations will be the winner (I don't take the "bull by the horns", I don't think about changes overnight, but I focus on acceptance, flexibility and waiting, on the willingness to change where needed and with kindness).

I welcome myself; I am satisfied and I think of my well-being first