Sickness of Africa? Pure emotions

Africa sickness takes you suddenly... you don't know "why" but you can't help it. There is no point in opposing it because it sticks to your soul. When we speak of "evil" we think of a disease or, in any case, of something negative, well, for me it should be called something else... awareness? Freedom? Back to the origins? Nostalgia?

I would have gone back to Africa, but not to earn a living, for this I only needed a couple of pencils and a few hundred sheets of cheaper paper. But I would go back there, where I liked to live, really live, not just spend the days. (Ernest Hemingway)

You can take it or not… but if you take it, you already know that you will never recover from it

For me it wasn't lightning, but it took me 2 days to "let go" Milanese thoughts and immerse myself in a thousand new adventures and in a totally different world from the one I had experienced up until then. Strong smells and perfumes that have entered my soul. Unimaginable colors, which will always remain imprinted in my heart. Always smiling people, despite having much much less than us, referring to material goods and daily comforts.

We often take the comforts of "modern" life for granted: running water in the house, hot water for washing, electricity, paved roads, 24-hour supermarkets... you never know... maybe you'll have a sudden attack of hunger at 3 in the morning... or deliveries of any order within 24 hours…

Children of all ages go to school by themselves, walking and singing on the dirt roads, with joy and serenity.

The women have to walk hours and hours to fetch water with mules and tanks to fill. They are in charge of building the house… on top of everything else. and there are those who create a wonderful flowerbed with what they have available 🙂

Africa is in the shape of a heart… it is mad love what I feel for it.(Anonymous)

Africa already touched my soul during the flight: from up there it looked like an ancient bed of humanity. And at an altitude of 4000 meters, sitting on the clouds, I seemed to be a seed carried by the wind. (Saul Bellow)

I wanted only one thing then: to go back to Africa. I hadn't left it yet, but every time I woke up at night, I listened, filled with nostalgia. (Ernest Hemingway)

Giorgia Maggi

I met Chiara in December 2018 during a job interview and I remember the feeling of confortable, even if she was the recruiter.
We have worked in the same company for 3 years in different offices.
Chiara is a person who transmits calm and humanity, who makes you feel understood and not judged.

Sara Tacchini


You know when they say A BEAUTIFUL PERSON?

here Chiara is just that! She is here! simply! as a fixed point. A rare humanity and sweetness combined with the necessary expertise to help you.