It's not always okay and that's okay

No, everything is not always fine and that's okay. And those who know me, know very well that right now I'm singing the legendary  Vasco Rossi 😊

It may seem a tricky phrase, but let's try to stop for a moment and, calmly, very calmly, let's try to think about the experiences that have "marked" our lives and from which we have "learned" something, even with great effort and suffering.

It may have been a bereavement, an illness, a dismissal, an economic problem, it may be thoughts related to children, parents, our life partner, a friend ... or thoughts and emotions that concern "me", as a person, as a professional, as a mother, as a daughter, as a partner, as a friend.

Yin and Yang are two opposite, but complementary cosmological principles that are part of ancient Chinese philosophy. The symbol represents two intersecting semicircles: the yin (which represents the feminine, the cold, the night and the shadow) and the yang (which represents the masculine, the hot, the day and the light).

In the Yin and Yang dialectic, it is normal that there is an alternation: of day and night, of the Seasons, of emotions, of heat and cold, of light and shadow, of the sun and the moon.


Because nothing exists at all, but everything is related to something else and that everything contains both elements of yin and yang in different proportions. For example, day contains elements of night, and cold contains elements of warm.

This universe is moved by opposing forces that, opposing each other, make it evolve and transform. The circle then signifies the perpetual movement of the world.

"You cannot see the light without the shadow, you cannot perceive silence without noise, you cannot attain wisdom without madness".

Carl Gustav Jung


She was all ups and downs, first fire and flames. Immediately after smoke and ashes.
(John Green)


And life goes on

Between ups and downs, between winters and summers.

Between joys and sorrows, between victories and defeats.

Maybe not always as we would like, but life goes on.

And the important thing is that it does not stop.




 Life is like a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs, but it's your choice whether to shout or enjoy the ride.




Life is like the flow of the tides.

There are ups and downs.

What you need to remember is that during low tide

Find the most beautiful shells.