Creative Problem Solving?

Creative Problem Solving?

How many times we have to find alternative solutions to "solve" small hitches in our daily lives in an original way?

I was sorting out the phone photos and I found some interesting ideas... to share as much as they make you think and smile 😊

Situation 1: you leave for a weekend and bring your legendary moka, coffee, bags of brown sugar from the Milanese Imbruttito area with you from home... but you only realize when you have to turn on the first moka of the day, the most important one for connecting the neurons and take a human appearance… and taaac… damn there are induction plates. Nooooooo!!! Ok, I admit it I walked 2 hours on Sunday morning in Oslo to look for my dose of caffeine and I only found it in a petrol station. Once back in the apartment, with more awake neurons, I had the idea of inserting the moka into a saucepan of water to have my legendary coffee 😊

Situation 2: I think it's the most beautiful photo I took in Tanzania… which represents their way of approaching life. Hakuna Matata! Need to move 2 sheep? No problem

Are you curious to know more about the phases of creative problem solving? Do you want an insight into the different cognitive levels? Do you want to know some destructuring techniques useful for the generation of new ideas and structured tools that can be implemented in organizations?

Start with Culture

In the last month a huge door has opened for me, after 2 years in which I have not had the opportunity to go to concerts, sporting events, theaters and other events

It's like a "positive addiction"... it started on March 27 with the Louis Tomlinson concert in Oslo (and to the many who asked me "why go to a concert in Oslo???" I simply replied "because I promised to my daughter to take her to this concert with her best friends, postponed due to the pandemic... and because in Milan the concert sold out in 10 seconds on ticketone, because there were very few seats, and because among the alternatives in European cities, we have chose a city, which we did not know, to spend a weekend of culture and entertainment). Before the Louis concert, of course a visit to the Munch Museum!

An abyss has opened up inside me, a desire to return to the presence of 1,000 to live these experiences that recharge me with energy and positivity.

Probably the Universe understood that I really needed to go back to cultural and sporting events, and, by a series of combinations, I had the opportunity to go and see

And all this in the last few weeks 😊

I couldn't stop to thank my friend Moon, directly from the garden of Sforza Castle, my absolute favorite place in Milan