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Have a good full moon

For some people the "Befana" arrived last night, for others "The Three Wise Men" or "Los Reyes", for many the end of the Christmas holidays is approaching... for other people in other parts of the world it is not nothing happened... but for everyone tonight is Full Moon Eve 🙂

A magical evening... take advantage of it!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2023, five minutes after midnight, will be the Full Moon in Cancer.

It is always very powerful, because this zodiac sign is represented by our satellite. For this reason, the Moon in Cancer is even more sensitive, feminine, delicate and protective.

The first full moon of the year will be a micromoon, because our satellite will be close to apogee (the point of its orbit farthest from our planet) and therefore will appear smaller than usual. I won't miss it for sure... and you?

Entrust your thoughts to the Moon, express your wishes and go to bed to rest with a unique lightness

a thought from the mountains of my childhood 🙂


3 March 2023

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