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Chiara Maria Francesca Chevallard
nickname KIKI

I was born in 1977, in a large family (I am the second of 4 brothers, born in 5 years) from Nani and Laura. Very international family, with a French grandfather and a Spanish grandmother on the father's side. From mom, “Milanese Milanese” family. 

Separated since 2014, I have 2 wonderful teenagers, Lorenzo aged 18 and Camilla aged almost 15. Living with two teenagers keeps me active, "young" and informed about what is happening in the world, with a different and much more digital vision. 😊

I have a lot of passions and hobbies that I have been cultivating for years.
I have a beautiful, but difficult surname and my parents gave me 3 names… so I prefer the nickname Kiki.

I graduated in 2000 in Business Economics, specializing in Work Organization, at the Luigi Bocconi University with the legendary professors Cioccarelli, Papetti, Turati and Solari.
I entered the wonderful world of work in 2000 and have twentyone years of experience working in consultancy and fashion/apparel companies.

I started as a functional analyst (with a focus on business process improvement and organizational changes) and then mastered into the world of Information Technology, a passion of mine since University, to then "grow and have fun" in Training and Development, E-learning and Digital.

In the last "classic" work experience, as an employee, I was Human Resources Manager - Italy for a group of Streetwear.

I have always considered the term Human Resources very simplistic... for me it has always been important to work WITH people and FOR people, creating a continuous exchange of experiences and skills in a perspective of "continuous & lifelong learning".

Since 1992 I discovered the "holistic world", which obviously wasn't called that..., "thanks" to Grandfather Beard's illness... Since then, I have always pursued my passion by enrolling and participating in various courses in my free time, also taking various certificates.

Between 2008 and 2018 I had the great opportunity to travel for work with the Zegna Group in Asia (and America as well as Europe) to do training classes in English: in Tokyo I tried a Japanese massage, in Shanghai a Chinese massage, in Singapore a “masseuse massage”.